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Enough said I think.

Lets Do This

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Our Planet

Ladies and gents,

Last year 50,000 Estonians got together and did in one day what it would have taken the government 3 years and 22 million euros to do – clean up all the garbage in the country! More than 600 volunteers came together to organize Campaign “Lets Do It!”, a grassroots initiative to clean up the country from 10,000 tons of illegal waste in just one day.

Please watch this video and be inspired.

We can do this.

Nature’s Greatest Deception

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Our Planet

I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time so here we go.

If you know me then you’ll know I’m this crazy woman willing to take in a helpless cat anytime of the day (if i can sneak her/him past mum), to those of you who don’t, yes I am that crazy.

Some of you, maybe even most, might look at this post and laugh, but some of you won’t, some of you will want to do something about what you’re about to witness.

Before you move on to the videos, you need to be made aware of a few facts:

1 – Their meat is extremely toxic to us since it carries 2000% mercury while we can only consume (more or less) 0.02%  at a time: as an adult, you major senses will be disabled. You’ll be unable to hear, speak, or see. Babies on the other hand are born fully paralyzed.

2 – They save human lives out in the sea at the risk of their own lives.

3 – They die in captivity a lot sooner than they do naturally in their own habitat. Dolphins unlike us foolish humans they make a conscious effort to breathe. we on the other hand don’t think about it, we simply do. And so in many cases dolphins choose to die instead of living in captivity. Ric O’ barry would tell you his Dolphin “Kathy” stopped breathing by choice and let herself die. Had you been in her shoes (no pun intended) would you chose to live out your whole life in captivity when you can roam the seas freely every minute of every day? no, you won’t.

4 – Dolphins are sensory creatures. Sound is their strongest suit, yet ironically enough it is their

Achilles’ heel. Those monsters in Taiji create a wall of sound to stress out the dolphins driving them into the cove. Dolphins close enough to the rocks smash themselves into them choosing horrifyingly painful death over what awaits them, which is a hundred times worse.

5 – How did it all start: 40 and some odd years ago delphiniums became on high demand. It kick-started an industry based entirely upon bringing dolphins from across the globe to show case them for us. In order to find show-case worthy dolphins, hunters trap, sell and slaughter the unwanted dolphins on annual bases. After every hunt dolphin trainers drop by to pick the best looking ones, the rest are slaughtered, their meat sold as food. Taiji alone slaughters 23,000 dolphins on a yearly bases and yet the IWC takes no action to end this madness.

We can’t wait until those beautiful, heart-breakingly innocent creatures become on the verge of extinction to do something.

If you’re still reading this and laughing let me remind of a story we all read at some point in our lives; in a Qura’an, a bible, or a Towrah, where a prophet named Soliman, or Solomon to some communicated with animals who answered him in human-like logic in tongues only he can understand. Meaning to say that there is more to this world than we give it credit. If you believe in none of that I wish you’d watch a documentary called “The Cove” I think you’d find compelling evidence of these creatures’ superior intelligence.

So please watch those videos, and if you’re still reading this, follow a few simple steps that may just save those dolphins in captivity the world over.


My Friend Is

What you’re about to see is very graphic:

Having seen that video and hearing their screams for mercy, do you get it?! if you don’t then there is something very wrong with you.

If you’re still with me I’d like you to read on to see what you can do on daily bases to end the dolphins’ captivity here in UAE.

Please help save them. Please.

“The dolphin’s smile is nature’s greatest deception”

Ric O Barry

Captive marine mammal experiences are cruel. Whales and dolphins suffer when forced to entertain. We now know that these creatures, taken from their natural setting and placed in concrete pools or tanks create a multitude of problems.

  • The lack of exercise, boredom and nutritional deficiencies cause stress on their minds and bodies.
  • There are primarily sonic oriented beings. The sounds of machinery, screaming crowds, loud music are amplified against the concrete sides of the tanks. This causes stress.
  • Dolphins are trained through starvation. They don’t naturally do these spectacular tricks.

Just say No, Don’t Go To:

  • Dolphin Parks.
  • Swim With Dolphin Programs.
  • Hotels and Lodges that feature captive dolphins on the property.
  • Dolphin “Trainer For A Day” programs.
  • Dolphin “Research” facilities that charge large amounts to interact with dolphins.
  • Cruise lines that feature stops at Swim With Dolphin Parks.

The Captive Dolphin industry is fueled by money, not love of the animals. If audiences stop coming, they will stop taking these joyful creatures from the wild.

If you’re still reading then please go to the following link: