My blog’s tag-line reads “my testimony” and that is what you’ll get.

In here I’ll be talking about human, and animal rights. I’ll also talk about the environment, and sometimes I’ll talk nonsense so just bear with me.

But above all else know this; before I speak my mind, I will have looked into every angle of every story. I will specifically look into what I like to call the grey area. To my mind in that particular spot, all minds meet. Nothing is black or white, reality is full of shades, some dark, some light.

There is where I think most people make their mistake. Light does not necessarily mean good, nor does dark imply evil. Both shades tell the same story differently. Too much light blinds us to the truth of things, too much dark hides the facts. But using a combination of both we see the whole story.

Welcome to my grey area.


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