Gaza’s 2nd anniversary

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Human Rights

Two years ago, on December 27th, Gaza, a free Palestinian city, was subjected to a horrific slaughter. (3000) lives and more were taken in that month-long attack. Children, women, elderly, and men were murdered in cold blood. What hit me the most were the pictures taken for what remained of the little ones.

To best describe it; they looked like broken dolls. Nothing short of heartbreaking.

NOTE: I do not hate JEWS, as a Muslim I am required to make peace with them, befriend them, and provide them aid when asked. I hate Zionists; be it Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and Jews. I hate them because they defy basic human law. They wish the free world to accept occupation, and abhor resistance.

If you have any comments that hold no respect for those lost innocent lives please do not post it here, you can however, send me a message. I promise you will replay back.


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